May 20, 2012

Anjolee Jewelry

So it's been a year since thieves broke into my house and stole money and my mothers precious jewelry box.Her birthday were just ten days after so i didn't manage to raise money and buy her a nice gift,so this year it;s my chanse to do it.I want to find something classic,elegant but in a good price.So as i was looking for a pair of earrigs or a bracelet i found out about Anjolee jewelry.I fell in love with them since i found out about the many options they offer!You can customize any jewelry design accoriding to your taste and budget.Any design can be customized in white gold,yellow gold or platinum ,many gemstone choices ,diamond qualities and any size and here comes the best news,since they are manufacturers their prices are much lower than a typical jewelry retailer!So i came down to 2 choices for earrings(for my mother) and a gorgeous bracelet (the perfect gift for my bffs graduation next month).

These are the Diamond Tennis Bracelets i fell in love with,both gorgeous me and my girls should choose which one we will order for our friend!Which one do you thing is more gorgeous ?

Now lets see the earrrings!A pair of Diamond Hoops and a pair of gorgeous classic Diamond Stud Earrings

I am so confused so your help means everything to me!Don't forget to check the Anjolee site and find the perfect gifts for your beloved one's!

Love u all,Marissa


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  2. Egw tha'lega to prwto vraxioli kai to prwto zeugari skoularikia! Oso pio aplo toso pio wraio! ;)

  3. Θα συμφωνήσω με την Ειρήνη!! :)

  4. The jewelry looks amazing! I really like the first pair of earrings, the stud ones :)

  5. Love this jewelry! Kisses, pretty

  6. Tha simfwnisw me ta koritsia! To prwto vraxioli kai to 1o zeugari skoularikia! ;)
    Filakia koukla!

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