December 11, 2013

Salute The Queen

Visiting the palace and spending the rest of the day in Hyde park,was in my plans months ago...Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest x-mass features in festive London and once i entered it i knew i could spend all my vacation there!
For that, not so cold day ,i chose my grandmother's vintage fur and during the day i bought the headband you see me wearing..(My ears were frozen and i really needed it )

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Love u all,Marissa


  1. Eisai kouklara! auto to kokkinadi s paei afantasta!! I miss the german market fetos paaara poli :( Anw, telio to outfit once again idika to vintage fur tis giagias ine ola ta lefta X

  2. Αχ βρε Μαρακι εισαι μια κομψη θεα! :)

    xo xo

  3. para poli omrfi i gouna sou!!! :) :) alla kai ekei p briskesai prepei n omologisw oti zileuw <3 <3 tixeroula kai ti omorfa!! an thes rikse mia matia kai sto diko m post n m peis t gnwmi sou :) :)

    xoxo Stefania :)

  4. Ma ti omorfo meros! Ithela kai egw poli na paw alla o kairos mas ta xalase kai den prolava..elpizw kapoia stigmi na ksanaepiskeftw to Londino kai na paw...
    Teleia i gouna tis giagias kai esi mia koukla opws panta! Vlepw ekanes allages kai sto blog! :P Megeia! :)

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  5. Η γούνα πρέπει να είναι πολύ ζεστή!! :)
    Υπέροχη Μαρία μου!!

  6. Your grandma's vintage fur is just such a beautiful piece! You are so lucky! You look fantastic for a day out!


  7. looking so cute and chic! the red lipstick suits you so well! i love your London posts <3

  8. Πολύ γουστόζικο το παλτό της γιαγιάς σου!