August 21, 2017

Blue Stripes

Hello loves! Today it's ultra gloomy and I really had to upload this photos because all the sunshine in them makes my heart warm! This dress was an absolute love at first sight and I really had to make it mine and well I did! Also how gorgeous are my super sleek but glam earings ??? I will see you soon and don't forget, I love you all <3


Photos by Eva.P

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1 comment:

  1. I like your fashion style and your fashion blog. Your dress is colorful, elegant and full of life! Im always trying to discover the women fashion world cause always something changes. Every fashion season is different from the last one. What i mean is that you as a fashion blogger are important to the fashion world for the simple reason that you simple love fashion and only that helps me, as an inspiration to chose the correct clothes combinations for my online business too!