April 4, 2011

Starbucks + a sunny day = a perfect day

Today i went downtown again with my bffe Evan for some business :p (bank issues)
we continued to the stores with my friend Mary (of course i bought new things,u'll see tommorow ;-D ) and we went to Starbucks for something special :P
I tried the mango passion fruit and it was super tasty and refreshing..and by the time we started our walk by the sea Evan saw them...the ''segway'',u'll see at the pictures,i can't really describe it,but it moves with the body motion..strange things....so we rent them for a long ''ride'' and had the best time of our lives....
You should totally try this if u will be around ;-)
Stay tuned cause tommorow i'll post some amasing outfit photos shot by Evan..
Love u all,Marissa

  <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. I loved your earrings...
    I love Starbucks...
    And I also love sunny days in Thessaloniki!!

  2. friendship bows..smells spring!!sigxaritiria gia to blog!!follow us kai tha ginoume k emeis followers,we really liked your blog!!keep blogging!!

  3. thank u M3n :-)
    they are gift from mykonos :P

  4. thank u girls,paw n dw t blog sas twra ;-)
    k ennoeite pws 8 sas akolou8isw :-)