April 9, 2011

Windy day by the sea

As i told u in my last post my mood is so bad,i haven't found my cats yet so still no new outfit posts.....
These pictures were shot about a week ago,the last winter day i think....since that day the temperature is so high,perfect for sunbathing!
That day it was so windy and the minute we got out of the car it started raining..... no special outfit ,something comfortable...I truly suggest u to go swimming there,the place is called fanari and is pure perfection...

Love u all,Marissa

p.s check out Sofi's blog and her cool giveaway ;-)


  1. Amazing photos...
    Elpizo na tis vreis,exo k ego ena skylaki pou to yperagapo kai se katalavaino.Eyxomai na pane ola kala. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Really nice to meet you...

  2. I hope you find your cats ;( Hopefully they come home. How long have they been gone?

    Wine by the sea sounds lovely, I'm jealous

  3. Thank u girls...well since tuesday....at the pet shop they told me that the male cats are leaving for some time because they are looking for girlfriends :P so i still hope :-\

    Eliza nice too meet u too :-)