March 20, 2012

Istanbul Day 2

We woke up early in the morning,ate a wierd breakfast and headed to the old racetrack ,there is nothing there to remind the old days,just a park and some statues!Next stop the blue mosque,nothing special ,i entered just because everyone in the group did...The big thing was Aya Sophia...Once we entered the goosebumps crossed all my body!!These goosebumps can only be felt by greek people cause this temple is a huge part of our history...I can't describe much,just see the pictures and keep in mind that this church is 1.500 years old.
Following the Aya Sophia masterpiece we visited the Dolma Bahce palace!It really worths the money to enter but it is such a pitty that we weren't allowed to take inside pictures (strict mustache security guys were looking).Anyway we took pictures in the royal gardens!Next stop Taksim square for profiterole and turkish delights! At night we did nothing special cause we were so so tired and in the next morning we had a delisious turkish cheese burek as breakfast!It was raining and after lunch we headed back home!So no pictures of day 3!(excuse me for that).

Warning:a million pictures 

 Stay tunned for my istanbul purchases in the next post!

Love u all ,Marissa


  1. Para poli wraies fwtografies! Yum Yum glikaaa!!!
    Kouklitsa! :)
    Filia polla!

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  2. Nice blog. Want to follow each other?*

  3. loved the pictures but loved your scarf the most

  4. tha eniotha kai ego to idio an episkeftomoun tin agia sofia! alla poso omorfi einai.. teleies oi photos! kai ta desserts mmm! iperoxa fenontai!