March 12, 2012

Istanbul Diaries Day 1

We arrived in Istanbul after a 10 hours roadtrip,Friday morning.It was sunny in the begging,a bit cold but thanks god it didn't rain...Once we entered the city i felt the magic,it hit me..all the monuments,the mosques in every corner ,the bosporus ....The only bad thing was the thought that this city was once ours,it made me mad,hopefully it will be again greek one day and i will move there!First stop at The Ecumenical Patriarchate,a peacefull place with a great meaning for our religion.Next stop the Istanbul port where we had a cruise across Bosporus (you will see a lot of pictures with old lordy houses -i wish i could live there) We had a traditional apple tea inside our rented private boat and enjoyed the view of both european and asian side!Then we checked in the hotel,had a quick shower and left for the grand bazaar.I bought a few beautiful stuff ,especially jewellery(you'll see my buys in a special post) and then we started looking for something to eat!The fact that muslims don't eat pork meant that you couldn't find it anywhere!(i don't eat lamb,or veal or any kind of meat except pork and chicken).Thanks god we found mc donalds and ate some delisious chicken burgers.Then back to the hotel for some rest...In the next post i'll talk to you for the rest of the day ,or night i shall say! :-)

p.s.This post contains about a million pictures

stay tuned for the next istanbul diaries!

Love u all,Marissa


  1. Teleio post! Oi fwtografies katapliktikes! Tis eida kai sto Facebook sou! Ligoureutika to tsai sta teleia potiria, ta koulurakia kai tous kafedes klp apo Starbucks. Ta spitia/megara dipla sto Vosporo einai panemorfa.
    Den eixa skeftei pote oti ontws stin tourkia tha nai diskolo na vreis xoirino kreas...exeis dikio...An kai egw eimai latris tou kotopoulou..i poikilia kai i epilogi m'aresei!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. Nice photos!
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  3. Polu wraies fwtografies! Kai ta spitia ston Vosporo to kati allo...! Perimenoume ki alles!

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    I love love love your fur vest <3

  5. Τέλειες φωτογραφίες!! :)

  6. fenete pos perases teleia! ta koulouria fenontai toso teleia miam!! anipomono na do kai alles fotografies :) x

  7. nice pics, i want to return istambul, i adore that city¡¡¡

    nice outfit and bag¡¡¡ enjoy a lot¡¡¡


  8. ouuu, teleia teleia maria m! esto k gia ligo, sigoura prepei na perases thaumasia! x

  9. ti uperoxes photo sweetie! elpizw na perases omorfa. love & kisses*