October 19, 2012

My Italian adventures Rome Day 1

Soo i am back from 9 amazing days in Italy!I had the time of my life,my bff and me.two huge suitcases (we came back with four) 6 plane tickets,two hotels and two cities!Rome and Milan.So the ''italian adventures'' posts will contain not just touristic and outfit photos but also tips for eating,transfering and much more.I hope you will like them all and they will inspire you to visit this beautiful country.Also all the instagram photos are taken by my bff.

So we arrived in Roma on Wednesday 10/10 at 15:00 Italian time.We had noo idea how to get at the hotel so we took a taxi.HUGE MISTAKE.For a few kilometres ride we paid 40 E!We didn't know that there are busses taking you to the termini station only by paying 3.90!
So avoid taking a taxi.We arrived at our hotel named Jonico,a bit far from the center BUT cheap and with amazing rooms,free wife,breakfast and very good hospitality.At 16:00 we took bus 105 to the termini and then metro.We tried to find fontana di trevi and we bumped at the spanish stairs at Piazza Di Spagnia .Then went up and down at Via Condoti,fell in love with the window displays and after walking and walking at via del corso we finally found fontana.It was pure magic.with thousands of people around.We made a wish and went to the closest gelato-shop to eat a pure italian ice-cream.It was delicious!!

With this gelato we ended day 1 as we were pretty tired already and went for sleep.
Next post on Monday!

Bisous ,Marissa



  1. ektos tou oti me ekanes na thelw pagwto, i Italia fenete poli magiki! :)

  2. Ti wraies photos! Fainetai oti perasate polu wraia!

    New post: http://fashion-framed.blogspot.gr/2012/10/autumnal.html

  3. Welcome back! Ti wraies fwtografies! Zilevw pou pigate 9 meres taxidi...kai egw thelw na paw Italia, kai sti Rwmi kai sto Milano, kai se polles alles...
    otan tha pame gia kafe tha mou ta peis kai apo konta! :)

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  4. wow amazing photos! :) I'd love to visit italy one day...i live in Austria I have no idea why I haven't been there yet :) glad you had a good time and thanks for the taxi tip!