July 24, 2011

The little black dress

This is the outfit i chose for last night..we had a flat tire so we went to the bar two hours later...we were in the middle of the road,trying to change the tire..it was my boyfrie3nd's first flat tire so it was a bit difficult but we managed to do it :-D

in 4 days i am leaving for vacation in Chalkidiki...and i need 4 more followers for my first giveaway :-)
i'm so excited :-D

Love u all,Marissa


  1. love the dress!!! apo p to pires??

  2. τελειο τσαντακι !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. apo bershka alla pro dietias :-\

    Thank u Mairyy :-)

  4. Para poli wraio outfit! Mou aresoun poli ta papoutsia kai to clutch sou! Min ksehnas na mas les apo pou ta pires, gia na kseroume etaireies!
    Twra xreiazesai mono allous 3 followers gia to giveaway! I just followed you on GFC. :)

    Do You Speak Gossip?

  5. oh you look great
    love the dress

  6. Once again, I love your sandals!!!! they're supercute!!!! and love that bag too =)