July 20, 2011

Sales treasures

You know i had no plans to buy anything at this sales..only the sunglasses that i am still waiting to come...
But yesterday when my mum asked me to go with her to the mall i broke...and i bougt a few things :-)
Do u like my new babies??

Love u all,Marissa


  1. Love the H&M dress and the butterfly sandals!

    Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. I am really jealous of the polka dots blouse!!!i wish you to enjoy them!

  3. adoro tutti i tuoi acquisti. tutti!!
    io per i saldi ho preso un paio di shorts di celyn!! su fashionis!! quel sito mi da sempre grosse soddisfazioni!!

  4. love the dress! and I also like the butterflies flats...which brand are they?

  5. Einai ola panemorfa!!
    Eidika to h&m foremataki kai ta exe sandalia (ta opoia eixa valei ki egw sto mati!!!) einai katapliktika!!
    Me geiaaaa!!:))