August 5, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway!! :-D

When i opened my blog today a surprise was waiting!100 followers and i am so happy!So it's giveaway time :-)
I wanted to give something that everyone would like so i thought earings,in pink,i'm sure all of u u'll love them!So enter the giveaway with 4 simple steps!

1)Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect
2)Follow my blog on Bloglovin
3)Like my fb page
4)Leave a comment with ur e-mail and ur fb name so i can contact you in case u win :-)

There will be two winners ,the giveaway is open worldwide and the giveaway will run from now until September 1st!So good luck to everyone :-)

Love u all,Marissa

(the giveaway will take place if i reach more than 20 entries)


  1. Congratulations girl! You hit 100!
    I'm already a follower of yours on Bloglovin and GFC, but unfortunately I don't leave my mail on giveaways. Too much spam! So good luck to everyone!
    P.S. Thank you so much for following me on GFC. :) I really appreciate it!

    Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. Congrats Doll!

    GFC: Gina
    Fb page: Gina Vlahandrea
    Followed too through Bloglovin'

    I wont leave my email either for spam reasons but we're friends on fb so you can inform me there, good luck to everyone!

    Enter my giveaway too:

  3. orea skoularikia!!!se akolou8w kai to onoma mou sto fb einai kaffe xanthi.kane check sto blog mou an 8es,

  4. poly omorfa!! mpravo! xx

    and on facebook :Simoni Papaefstathiou

  5. Fysika kai se akolou8w se ola ayta kai thelw na parw meros!
    Ta skoularikia einai teleia apla!! Both of them!!!
    Fb: Meni Tso Toggelidou