August 28, 2011

The polka sheer shirt

As i told u,the same day i received this polka shirt i wore it!I really couldn't w8 but when i was abouth to get dressed i had a problem...i couldn't dare wear it with just a bra underneath,it felt too exposed...and when i was looking for a top to match it my mother came in my room and told me :come on u are 20! if u won't do it now u'll never do!So she was right :-)
Love u mum <3

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Love u all,Marissa


  1. Baby ise theara! love the polka shirt and your hair and make up are gorgeous!!

    you are beautiful! xx

  2. Pragmatika to poukamiso einai ekseretiko!! ki esi mia kouklitsa!! teleies fwto!!

  3. Para poli wraio to poukamisaki! Kai sou paei para poli!

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  4. i like your hair like that

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  5. you mom is right! i love the blouse, to ida kai sto facebook and i really like the lipstick as well! It matches the dots perfectly!

  6. Super gorgeous pics, I've never worn just a bra underneath a sheer shirt but I'm sure it would be fun to try out :)


  7. Ahhh, great to see you in this. It is even better on. Xxxx

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  8. Thank u all so much <3 my blog would be nothing without u :-)

  9. love studs on those sandals! but they're not so visible =(