December 23, 2011

Daisy Lady

So as i told you i'll show you one by one all the dresses i made for my fashion school.At the end of the first year we had a fashion show with the rainbow colours theme.Each one picked randomly a colour ,mine was yellow,and we had to create a funky dress and a formal one.So here is the funky dress completely made by pvc fabric and tulle.Modeled by my baby sister as it was made for the small sized model and there is no way it would fit me!Also you can see it on the model from the show 2 years ago. Do u like my creation ?Tell me your thoughts :-)

Love u all,Marissa


  1. wow poly omorfo einai mpravo!! :) teleio! maresoun poly oi margarites! toso omorfi idea! kai alles kai alles photos!

  2. Teleio forema! Sigxaritiria! Perimenoume na doume kai ta alla sou!
    Filia kai kala Xristougenna!

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