December 19, 2011

Welcome to the dark side

Yesterday my friends and i had a little roadtrip out of the greek boarders.It was a last minute decision as we are only an hour away from the Fyrom boarders.The purpose of our visit was the local casino which you can enter as long as u are 18.+ the duty free shops.We had a great time and we almost spend all our day there (yes i won some money at the casino) and we'll go again soon.The pictures are not good as i didn't had my camera with me and we used my friends but never mind.Next time i'll have mine

.Love u all,Marissa


  1. Poli wraio meros stis fwtografies, an kai den polisimpathw ti xwra...Kses logw tou gnwstou thematos me to onoma!

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  2. I love the tree in the background, happy holidays!

  3. woah.. awesome pictures! i love your bag and fur vest, you look adorable <3 and ive followed you back (:

  4. to eipes pos tha to foreseis poly auto kai to kanes! mpravo gia auta pou kerdises to casino hehe xx