November 7, 2012

Milan Baby

I had a dream for many years.Visiting Milan made my dream reality.But Milan was not what i expected it to be!As many people told me Milan is just for an one-day visit,no more,no less!I couldn't believe it but...yes there is nothing to see except Duomo and the area next to it.Ok it's a paradise if u have a million euros but when you go there,after visiting for 6 days the european jewel called Rome,Milan is zero.Ok 1.When Rome is a 10 ,Milan is 1.Sorry if any of you lives there but i didn't like it.Thankfully we only stayed for two days,but both of them we went back to the hotel at 7 p.m cause we had nothing to do!The only good thing is that after a mistake with the reservation we stayed at a suite and paid money for a simple room!Anyway,if u still want to visit Milan do it during fashionweek.At least there will be some interesting things to see!


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  1. Αγάπησα την τσάντα σου!!!! Μαύρη, με τρουκς και αισθητική vintage...ότι πρέπει ;-)

    Ειρήνη από

  2. I've only been to Milan for a few minutes changing a train in the main train station, but I thought it was beautiful.. I was expecting more of this city than what you told us. Such a shame!
    It's true, some cities may be better to visit during famous events - such as Fashion Week. At least you got to sleep in a suite at the hotel, so that's the upside :)
    I couldn't agree more with you: the collaboration with Lanvin was delightful, I changed my mind dozens of times about what i wanted to buy then! I wouldn't go as far as to say that all the pieces are ugly, but there are certainly only 2 or 3 that I find interesting. What I do love are two pieces from the menswear line: the camel coat and the cream fur coat. :) I was really curious to see what people actually think of this collection and your opinion was very sincere - thank you :)

  3. Yay, Milan! Want to go there so badly :)) Beautiful photos :)


  4. Love that blazer :) Great pics :D

  5. Beautiful pics!
    Love your necklace <3

  6. Nice pictures! Btw I love your necklace and your bag!


  7. Teleio to sakaki kai i tsanta sou!
    Ti krima pou den eixe tipota endiaferon na deite sto Milano! Tha to exw ipopsin mou giati thelw kai egw na to episkeftw kapoia stigmi!
    Filia polla!

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  8. oh wow milan must be such an amazing place! i definitely wanna go too one day!

  9. How fantastic to visit Milan and that you got an upgrade to a suite! I Love your necklace!


  10. Love the photos and your shoes!!!

  11. Μα τι θα γινει, αυτο ειναι σκανδαλωδες... ακομη στο Μιλανο εισαι χα χα!

  12. Milan baby indeed. You look great!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark