November 14, 2012

Why don't you...D.I.Y

So 50% of you like the new military-camo print trend,25% of you adore it(i am in) and 25% of you totally hate it!For you who likes it i had an idea and i wanted  to share it with you.I'm pretty sure most of you have already thought about it but you where either bored to do it or forgot abou it.Anyway.So if you go for example at zara and stradivarius it's 100% sure that you saw these....

Yes i saw them too!And i took one of them and i was about to buy it but while i was waiting at the line i thought that 60 E are waay to much for something that i won't wear next year..So i left the building with empty hands and confused thoughts...The same afternoon my friend Kostas invited me at his house for coffee and the moment i entered his house i saw it!A picture of him at the army!That was it,the same afternoon he gave me his army jacket , i found some forgotten stones in my drawer and i started sewing...I really liked the result ,it's not too much,it's not just a simple military jacket,it's something i made,totally cost-free and i feel proud!Soon on an outfit post!Tell me ur thoughts! :-)


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  1. Really looks easy!! If you check my post I wear exactly the same shirt but not DIY!But hope I did!

  2. I would say 60 EUR is too much for just a shirt, what you did here is so cool! Plus, your jacket has a story it as really in the army! Great job!

  3. love these shirts! And ur DIY one looks great :D

  4. Bravo re si, teleio to ekanes! Perimenw na to dw kai foremeno!

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  5. Θελω οπωσδηποτε ενα πουκαμισακι!

  6. i like the shirt with the spike