June 20, 2011

The feather earings

Hello hello :-)
The wind is so strong and so warm and it is so confusing because i want to go to the sea but if it's gonna be cold? well i just don't know what to do...anyway...the last time i shopped from asos i bought this feather earings..i wore them on Saturday and my boufriennd told me i look like an amazon :-D he is such a sweetheart <3

Well i bought the nude ones but now that i think i'll might buy the blue and the multicolored! <3 ohh i love asos and feather earings <3 <3 <3 
So what do u think about feather earings? do u own a pair?

Love u all,Marissa

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  1. Poli wraia skoularikia! Mou aresoun poli ta tirkouaz!

    Call me M

  2. i love the feather earrings!auta ta nudes pou foras pigainei poly to outfit sou! ta xromatista tha pigenun me kati pio aplo!

  3. nice set and i adore the earings

  4. I've been wanting a pair of feather earrings but haven't bought any. I think the blue ones would look amazing on you.

  5. Thank u my dear girls for ur beautiful comments <3 <3

  6. ah your boyfriend is so sweet! i love the earrings-they look great on you! :)