June 9, 2011

The vintage sequined jacket

It's been a while since i bought this jacket from a vintage bazzar downtown...it's not really for summer..but i wanted to show it to u...oh i forgotthe best part!it costed me only 10 E!!
So these pictures were taken by my friend Evan,he got the inspiration for the whole garden thing :P
Today it's totally super super hot and i am going to the sea in a while...but tommorow i'll live a nightmare...my sister want me to go shoppping with her dwontown!But i just saw it's gonna be hotter than today so crap!
i'm leaving u now...i wish you to find a cool(cold place to sit) and enjoy the summer <3

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Love u all,Marissa


  1. Poli wraia i tsanta sou! Kai to sakaki, foveri timi...
    Tixeri pou tha pas thalassa..egw akoma den ekana to prwto mou mpanio, k mallon tha argisei...akoma den niwthw tin anagi na paw sti thalassa...

  2. s'euxaristww :-)edw me tetoies thermokrasies pas thalassa 8es dn 8es :P apo tn maio ksekinisame...pou meneis my dear ?

  3. Cute! Love your jacket and purse. They are so adorable. xx

  4. love your sequined jacket and your flats =)

  5. Super cute outfit! love that clutch :)
    Darling blog as well! I am now following you lovely.