November 19, 2011

Blend In

These pictures are two weeks old,it still wasn't so freezing that's why i am wearing a trench-coat.It was a boring night and we managed to fill the gap with a pizza dinner :-D These pics were taken in the park after dinner and it felt like blending in with nature since i was wearing beige and brown.So ,i am leaving for the cinema in an hour to watch ''Breaking down '',w8 for a review ;-)

Love u all,Marissa


  1. Teleio outfit! Mou aresan para poli to foulari kai ta nixia sou!
    Sen kserw an eides tin apantisi mou sto comment sou alla i mplouza einai ap'ta Stradivarius.

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. to foulari eina gia klepsimo!ade na mas peis eduposeis apo tin tainia!

  3. Love the trench coat and the fringed bag!

  4. love the nails!

  5. hi, maria - love your scarf and fringe bag. nice, easy-going style, and the pieces you are wearing is something i'd definitely wear. :)

    lovely blog, and following so hope to see more posts in the future - cheers!