November 10, 2011

Christmass Mood

The past days were pretty ''dark'',the wearther was cloudy and it started feeling like real winter!Anyway i went nowhere so no outfit posts,only my pj's on and a jumper look the day i did my first french language lesson.Yeah i'll learn french!There is no greatest thing of learning a new language,i am so excited!On Monday my bff graduates from the university so get ready for a graduation post :-D
Anyway these ''home'' days i drunk all the hot cocoa of the world,in christmass cups and i painted my nails red and metalic!The most christmassy combination! :-D

Love u all,Marissa


  1. so chrismasy indeed! :) i think waiting for Christmas and decorating is even better than that day!! i love Xmas season!

  2. Υπέροχα είναι τα νύχια :)

  3. Para poli wraia ta nixakia sou, bravo!
    Egw den eimai akoma se christmas mood, alla eimai sigouri oti mexri to telos tou mina, kai efoson arxisoune na stolizoune ola ta magazia tha mou erthei! :)

    Call me M @

  4. I love Christmas, can't wait for it to snow outside and to stay at home cuddled up in a blanket watching Christmas movies :)) Great nails and good luck learning French! It's one o my favorite languages in the world!