November 6, 2011

Champagne Showers

It's been more than two weeks since i fell in love with LMFAO,they are so great,so talented and redfoo,oh my ,i'm in love with him! <3 <3 The title is from their song Champagne Showers that i can't stop watching!I totally raped the repeat button :P
So here is the outfit i wore last night at a great night out!And if you haven't heard the song i am talking about...Do it now!

Love u all,Marissa


  1. Ti wraio foremataki! Ontws to kitrino sou paei poli...Kai to malli super!
    Trelainomai gia LFMAO...Ola ta tragoudia tous einai teleia...

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. ti kala!mia ksexoristi nota sto fthinoporo mas!kitrino pou kai teleios fiogkos sto laimo!

  3. omorfi! i love this color on you! :) love the bow necklace!! xx