December 29, 2011

Sequin Bow

The past days were sad times for me...i lost a piece of my heart,i lost a creature i loved so much and once again i asked my self if god really exists...troubled times..anyway my christmass time is already ruined ,no need to ruin yours too with my black thoughts,i just wanted you to know..
New Chapter:this is the outfit i wore the past saturday night ,simple,with a little shine from my sequin bow and a bit of colour from my pink bag.

Love u all and i wish you to have happy holiday time and nothing to ruin it <3

December 26, 2011

X-mass Thing

Christmass just passed by,new year is a breath away and i feel so excited for this year which will bring so many changes in my life(can't tell more details now).I had a wonderful time with my friends and family,we ate a lot,we partied a lot and right now all i can think is the shopping spree i'll have tommorow :P.Did u had a great time my loves ?Did u spend the christmass day with friends or family?I wish you to have the greatest time the last days of 2011 :-)

Love u all,Marissa

December 23, 2011

Daisy Lady

So as i told you i'll show you one by one all the dresses i made for my fashion school.At the end of the first year we had a fashion show with the rainbow colours theme.Each one picked randomly a colour ,mine was yellow,and we had to create a funky dress and a formal one.So here is the funky dress completely made by pvc fabric and tulle.Modeled by my baby sister as it was made for the small sized model and there is no way it would fit me!Also you can see it on the model from the show 2 years ago. Do u like my creation ?Tell me your thoughts :-)

Love u all,Marissa

December 21, 2011

Fashionable Help Needed

So i visited zara yesterday to find a dress for the new years eve maybe or christmass night.I found a looot of dresses and i got soo confused,so i need ur help!If u had to choose one ,which one would it be ???

Love u all,Marissa

December 19, 2011

Welcome to the dark side

Yesterday my friends and i had a little roadtrip out of the greek boarders.It was a last minute decision as we are only an hour away from the Fyrom boarders.The purpose of our visit was the local casino which you can enter as long as u are 18.+ the duty free shops.We had a great time and we almost spend all our day there (yes i won some money at the casino) and we'll go again soon.The pictures are not good as i didn't had my camera with me and we used my friends but never mind.Next time i'll have mine

.Love u all,Marissa

December 17, 2011

I looove gifts

My sister just came back from the mall bearing gifts and shiny dresses for her.My gift was something totally my taste.Take a look :-)

 the model from the oysho site.
Did u received any gifts until now my loves ?

Love u all,Marissa

December 14, 2011

Santa Baby

Tonight was a movie night(as every wednesday night).We watched a greek production called the ''Christmas Tango''.It was really one of the greatest movies i've ever seen,so i strongly suggest to my greek readers to go str8 to the cinema and watch it.Right now i can't stop listening to the soundtrack,which u can hear at the end of this post.Do u like my outfit ? (i told u that i'll wear the fur vest for ever) :P

Love u all,Marissa


December 12, 2011

Yey or Nay?

I need your stylish opinion my loves!So i bought this dress last year,didn't try it and it came up really short + when i wear it ,it really looks like a babydoll :-\ But it has this gorgeous open back with the small lace bow and it makes me think twice for this dresse's future.What do u think ?Do u like it ?

Love u all,Marissa


December 11, 2011

I'm Gonna Marry The Night

Last night i shot this photos while going to the car.The skirt is not a skirt,it's a dress that you'll see soon.Sorry for this short text but i just came home and i'll leave in 5 to eat the most delisious baked pasta in the world at my friend's pizzeria.See u tomorow my loves.

Love u all,Marissa

December 9, 2011

Excuse My Fur

So second post with the fur vest!Now that i see it i think that the scarf wasn't necessary,never mind we learn from our own mistakes ! :-) I watched the breaking dawn for the second time (first time with my sister,now with my boyfriend and my friend Chrysa) and i realised that i loved it so much i could watch it again :P Tommorow i'll might go for ''the new years eve dress research''.It's a real tradition for me the past years never wear something i already worn on new years eve.Do u buy new clothes for this holiday season or do u already have a huge collection of party dresses ??

Love u all,Marissa


December 8, 2011

Ιt's a Christmass Thing

The past weekend i bought this faux fur vest which came in my life from the open skies :P I've been looking for a long fur vust in this exact colour,in a good quality not a very cheap-plastic looking version,so here it is!!
Do u like it?In case u do and you want it it's from stradivarious.So i decided to take it for a walk and find a tree to take pics.Not the best pictures but i promise you a loot outfits with this babe ;-)

Love u all,Marissa

December 6, 2011

Glitter Glitter On The Shoes

This is what i wore last Saturday night.Some glitter some leopard and some turquise earings were enough.So i decided to update my blog more often,every day when i can and every two days if it's not possible daily.So stay tuned for more posts from me ,i really can't w8 for ur comments.I am also thinking to have a christmass Giveaway :-)

I don't know if u heard about it but a lot of people saying that GFC will be disabled ,i don't know if it's true but just in case i'd love it if you could follow me with the other ways too,so you could get informed about my updates! :-)

Love u all,Marissa


December 5, 2011

The Party People

As i told you previously yesterday was my friend's Chrysas b-day party.I didn't take pictures from the party cause i was so busy eating the delisious food and gossiping but i kindly asked my friends to strike a pose for me so you can meet them and see their outfits.Some simple ,some more sparkly,there is a variety here!Check ous out!

 The birthday girl-Chrysa
 Georgia + Stratos
 Kostas and me
 Eleutheria + Kostas
 Me again

Love u all ,Marissa


December 3, 2011

The birthday girl

Yesterday my friend Chrysa had her b-day !So we went downtown with her and the other two Marias!First we went to our favourite french styled bistro,Mon Frere and had an after celebration at a pretty fancy restaurant.Enjoy the pictures and tommorow that she has a great party at her house i'll take al lot of pictures!

Love u all,Marissa

November 29, 2011

Twin Dresses

Do u remember this dress?

Well i bought it in an other version too cause i liked it so much.But i didn't try it at the store and the second dress was much shorter than the first.How the hell did that happen??The same dress,same size and i can't wear the grey one with tights or leggings,it's too short!!Anyway do u like them both ???

Love u all,Marissa