November 29, 2011

Twin Dresses

Do u remember this dress?

Well i bought it in an other version too cause i liked it so much.But i didn't try it at the store and the second dress was much shorter than the first.How the hell did that happen??The same dress,same size and i can't wear the grey one with tights or leggings,it's too short!!Anyway do u like them both ???

Love u all,Marissa


November 26, 2011


Last night after a great dinner and an after beer at the local pubs we had a walk and found this carousel in the middle of the city!Bad luck it was too late and it wasn't on use so you can't see the beautiful lights!I was wearing my military jacket and my new bow bag.I'm going to get ready now for saturday night fever :P

Love u all,Marissa


November 22, 2011

Pure Perfection

If you'd ask me the definition of perfection i'd say ''pink'',''gold'' and bows or frills! Imagine now how i felt when i saw this bag at h&m at 15 E ONLY!

What's ur definition of perfection my loves ?

See u soon,Marissa


November 20, 2011

It's here!

So as i told you yesterday i went to the mall and watched ''breaking dawn'' part 1.The movie was really epic with many unexpected things.Can't w8 for part 2! I ate a looot of popcorns,mine(+ my sister's leftovers :P ) and had a great night- at the already in christmass spirit mall-.It was way cold outside so i was dresses in layers,a plaid shirt,a blouse and a cardigan + coat.Freezing!!!

See u soon my loves,Marissa

November 19, 2011

Blend In

These pictures are two weeks old,it still wasn't so freezing that's why i am wearing a trench-coat.It was a boring night and we managed to fill the gap with a pizza dinner :-D These pics were taken in the park after dinner and it felt like blending in with nature since i was wearing beige and brown.So ,i am leaving for the cinema in an hour to watch ''Breaking down '',w8 for a review ;-)

Love u all,Marissa

November 15, 2011

The Graduation

On Monday my bff Georgia graduated from the university.It was a really touching moment for all of us,the end of an era for her-the end of her student years.So we had a road-trip to the icy-cold city of Florina with 0 Celcium degrees.The city is so stunning,traditional with a small river crossing her.So check us out ;-)

Love u all,Marissa


November 12, 2011

Grey Day

Yesterday it was the first real freezing winter day,i was walking and my feet hurt so much and i couldn't feel them.I woke up in the morning and my mum made me my favourite chocolate+orange cake,yum yum,my mum is my personal jamie oliver,so talented in everything she does!I think i'll start photographing every thing she makes :-D

See u soon ;-)Marissa

November 10, 2011

Christmass Mood

The past days were pretty ''dark'',the wearther was cloudy and it started feeling like real winter!Anyway i went nowhere so no outfit posts,only my pj's on and a jumper look the day i did my first french language lesson.Yeah i'll learn french!There is no greatest thing of learning a new language,i am so excited!On Monday my bff graduates from the university so get ready for a graduation post :-D
Anyway these ''home'' days i drunk all the hot cocoa of the world,in christmass cups and i painted my nails red and metalic!The most christmassy combination! :-D

Love u all,Marissa

November 6, 2011

Champagne Showers

It's been more than two weeks since i fell in love with LMFAO,they are so great,so talented and redfoo,oh my ,i'm in love with him! <3 <3 The title is from their song Champagne Showers that i can't stop watching!I totally raped the repeat button :P
So here is the outfit i wore last night at a great night out!And if you haven't heard the song i am talking about...Do it now!

Love u all,Marissa