January 29, 2012

Bite The Apple

I love this dress,but it's so last year that doesn't really fit me and u can't see the A line anymore!But I think it look good as a fitted dress too!Yesterday i went to the mall and i bought a dress i already have but in a creme colour!It will be my next post :-)
It was really a catch,20 E less than the original price so i am very happy :-)I also ordered a necklase from a very talented girl,i hope that i'll have it by the end of the week!Until then....Be Happy :-)

Love u all,Marissa

January 26, 2012

Casual Nature

Last Monday me and Chrysa had a daytrip at the beautiful city of Naousa..We also visited the local paradise called''agios nikolaos'' and took some beatiful photos next to the river...+ i realised that i have collected so many beutiful pictures from the internet...i talk about every kind of pictures,fashion pictures,inspirational,quote pictures..so my point is to publish one of these in every post..It's a shame not to share them since they inspired me so much in many things,maybe they can touch you too! + if u have bloglovin i'd love it so much if u could follow me,it's a really important tool for every blogger and if u don't have account,u should create now!

fur vest:stradivarious
shoes:all star


Love u all,Marissa

January 23, 2012

Piccadilly Street

Two days ago it was the suniest day of 2012!Such a warm day if u consider the fact that it's January...So i took the chanse to visit a vintage bazaar .I didn't buy something fancy just some beautiful neon earings that u'll see me wearing soon.Everything was so pretty but since it's sales period i am broke!!Do u like the outfit i chose?Yes it's a plaid shirt again :P

Love u all,Marissa

January 21, 2012

I Need No More Shirts

So i just realised that i have 4 plaid shirts..Last year i hated them and i never thought i would buy one...Now i have 4!WTF..people really change !Yesterday i watched ''The Girl with the dragon tattoo'',really a masterpiece and i liked it more than the swedish version...It is really a must watch movie(this is my cinema outfit)!Anyway on Monday i'll go on a roadtrip so u should w8 for pictures in the nature :P


Love u all,Marissa

January 19, 2012

Excuse My Neon

So this is the first neon piece of clothing i've ever owned....Not my favourite cause it's a quite short pullover and i think i needed the bigger size but never mind,i like it anyway! :-)
Right now i am trying to put everything in my closet in an order..it's quite difficult (the only way to describe it,is chaos!)
Wish me luck cause my mission is impossible ( yes my second name is tom)!

scarf:rania ksanthopoulou


Love u all,Marissa

January 17, 2012

Check my ice-cream

A pretty cold day just passed by..right now it's -1 in my hometown and there is no way i'll leave my bed ! I visited the mall today right after lunch (yeah it was sunny),no major buys,just a coat i saw 2 months ago and i fell in love with it's pink version ,but it was no more available(unlucky me)so i ended up with the grey version.I'll post a picture of the coat tommorow....So this is what i wore during my visit to the mall(i usually take pictures there but it's sales and i was sure there was no way i would find an empty corner to take my pictures).+of course there was a coat on top....From now on ,by popular demand (when i say popular demand i refer to my friend M :P )
i'll post the brand of my clothes too...So keep reading and commenting cause this is what makes me better and inspires me to try harder!

Shirt:Sakis Rouvas for Sprider
Bag:Paul's Boutique
Necklace:Rania Ksanthopoulou


Love u all,Marissa

January 15, 2012

Give Me Some Stars

Hello my friends!It's been totaly freezing out there and since new year's eve i've spend almost all my days in the house...But today i decided to fight the cold weather and go for a sunday relaxing coffee with my girls!I decided to wear the two stary items i own together so i could give a boost to my outfit...How did u spend the first days of 2012 ?
I promise i'll post more often from now on cause i won't stay home again for such a long time!

Love u all,Marissa

January 9, 2012

Happy Weird Year

Until now 2012 is pretty weird for me,my cats had a bad flu and i was their nurse since nye(thankfully they are all so healthy now),i've had fights pretty much  with everyone and the only good think is that i'll buy a new phone soon!Soon as a week soon(hooray) + hotmail locked my e-mail account (damn them) and i gave them my phone to send a code to unlock it but they never did and it's been 3 days!!Do u have any idea what to do more ?

Love u all,Marissa

January 5, 2012

Yellow Flowers

Since i had so much fun the past days i always forgot my camera back home so no outfit posts for now....This gives me the chance to show you the second dress from the rainbow catwalk we had two years ago (part 1 here).It's the formal one,(my point of view for formal,i don't really like gowns)..Do u like it ?

 me and the models that night

Looking forward for your opinion!

Love u all,Marissa

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Damn it's 2012!Still can't believe ,2011 seems so yesterday !I had a wonderful time last night and a great dinner today,right now i'm making plans for tonight.i wish you had a wonderful time too.So, happy new year my loves,embrace 2012 and have hope for a better next day!

Love u all,Marissa