April 26, 2012

Colour The House

Last week if u remember i visited the beautiful city of Parga...On our wat back we stopped for lunch in the city of Ioannina...It was nice but the rain ruinned our day!Anyway the thing i liked more was the colours on the houses...there was a folklore air ! Anyway back to the present the weather this days is completely summery and today i wore my shorts with no tights underneath!Hoorayyyyy...This weekend i'll go for sunbathing for sure!!

Love u all,Marissa

April 23, 2012


Last night me and my gals attented a wedding..A friend was married and the best-man was my bestfriends boyfriend!Even though it is still April i wanted to act like it's july so i wore this sleevless dress(yes after the sun was no longer there it was freezing)Anyway what do u think of my dress and those shoes that even though they seem comfortable they actually KILLED me...?

Love u all,Marissa

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April 19, 2012

Parga Darling

If you have never heard before of this city it's a shame!It's a city by the sea that actually looks like an island!If you live in Greece don't miss a chance and make Parga your next destination!If you live in Italy you can't imagine how close to you this paradise is!So if u'll get there you should visit the castle and imagine you are a princess living there,take long walks by the sea and if it's summer swim to the island of Panagia...I know that i'll go back in summer again cause i already miss my friends there <3 <3 <3

Love u all,Marissa


April 17, 2012

Time for a change

In 3 hours i am leaving the city for a short 2-days trip in a place dreamy!Me and Chrysa are visiting some beloved friends at Parga and it's gonna be epic!!See the pictures below taken by our talented friend Sylvia who lives there!Love u and see you soon with pictures from the trip!



April 12, 2012

Feels good to be back!

Hello hello my dear readers and friends :-)
It's been already 14 non-blogging days,hard days for me...Huge changes happened in my life these days and even bigger will happen(i'll talk to you later about what's going on)
Anyway here i am,2 days before Easter ,shopping non stop,going out literally all day long (and night)!Some times it's good to party,it totally changes your mood!
Next post-about my easter outfit and my brand new dress!
See you soon loves and don't forget,there is always a solution!If u can't untie it,cut that damn thing!


Love u all,Marissa