April 29, 2011

I'm a leopard with feathers :-)

So it was about time to use my brand new baby bag and i was fitting some outfits fro tonight's party...The following is the one i thought i would wear but finally i used a more casual look...So what do u think?Do u like feathery leopards ? :P

April 27, 2011

Just arrived from asos!!!

You have nooo idea how happy i am....about 2 months ago i saw a girl carrying this bag and i instantly fell in love!The colour-the material-the shape,everything is so perfect to me...and since i couldn't resist i asked her from where did she bought the bag.She was kind enough to answer and when i went to the mall where tha Paul's Boutique section is they told me:Sorry but we had only two pink Maisy's and the new ones will arrive after May and in a few pieces..so shit..i then found the PB site where i saw that they do not deliver outside of UK.I cried again...when a day by accident i saw that asos has PB in his brands...sooo a week later (today) i have my baby in my hands <3 <3 <3
I also ordered some huge feather earings....do u like my new babies?????Have u ever ordered from asos and what?
Love u all,Marissa

April 26, 2011

Hippie-hippie shake

Ok i know,this is not an original hippie look but the floral print of my dress-top and the braids on my head made me feel like a hippie for a while :P
These pictures were shot on Easter Sunday,after a big fat bbq we had at my grandparents house..
Now that summer is ringing a bell i'm gonna wear my floral clothes everyday :P
In the pictures u'll get to see my two cats that left...2 out of the 7 :-(
Still nothing and my hopes are kinda over....it's already been 3 weeks...I'll never forget them and i'll keep praying for them to come back...see u soon..

Love u all,Marissa

dress by zara
cardigan by stradivarious
flats by zara
jeans by stradivarious
bag by h&m
earings by h&m
bracelets and ring by accessorize

April 24, 2011

My blue dream,easter outfit :-D

Hello babies,Happy Easter i wish u had the best time with ur friends and family and keep doing it,easter is not over yet :-)
Last night,after we came back from the church we ate the after easter dinner,for the whole family it means a weird stinky soup from lamb or sheep or smthing,for me it means goodys burgers which i buy in the afternoon :P
I ate a kinder chocolate egg and it was still 1 a.m and we were about to go out at 2...so i slept and woke up at 2:15 with a headache....that's why i used flats for my night out..mood zero,feeling sleepy +++....
But finally i came back home at 6,i had a good time ;-)
So how was ur night beauties?Did u had a good time and a good after church dinner?
Love u all,Marissa

dress by h&m
trench coat by h&m
bag by h&m
earings by Guess
bow flats by zara
belt by accessorize

April 23, 2011

Mani-Pedi and easter gifts

Well Easter is 4 hours away and all day long i've been running around for favors and last minute shopping.In th morning i went to the nails salon and i just got back from my godmother bearing gifts :-)
The perfect guess earings and a beautiful floral dress :-)
So loves i am leaving you to go try my clothes,find a perfect outfit and i'll see u tommorow with my tonights outfit.
Happy Easter to everyone and eat meat :-D
Love u all,Marissa

April 22, 2011

Help me chooseeee :-D

Hello everyone,i need ur help :-)
I have to choose a pair from these three to wear on easter night and the after-celebration...They are all a good match to my dress and i just can't deside....so help me please :-)

April 20, 2011

Green-light blue and brown...Do u feel this combination?

Today it was a looong looong day..i woke up so early because we had so many things to do since easter is so close and as a resulet i slept only 3 hours.....i managed to sleep 1 hour after lunch and then i spended all the afternoon at the mall with my godmother..we came back home at 9 and all i could thing was my bed...Then Evan called and after a quick conversation we went to the mall -again- to watch ''Scream4''.
The movie was shit,shity plot,actually it was a funny horror movie.It only had about 2 or 3 really scary scenes but the rest...so,i don't suggest it ;-)
In the pictures u'll see the outfit i was wearing all day long,a lot of colours but i like it :-)
p.s:don't u just love the nude nail polish??i was looking for this colour everywhere!!
p.s2:i ordered a dreamy bag from asos 4 hours ago(and a pair of fearther earings),i chose the express shiping so i guess u'll be able to see soon the bag i dream of every night ;-)
Love u all,Marissa

jeans by stradivarious
cardigan by zara
scarf by zara
earings bought in paris
bag by accessorize
shoes by bershka(old)
ring by rania ksan8opoulou

April 18, 2011

Hot or Not? -maybe not-(The bags issue)

Since i made an ugly shoes post it was about time to continue with the ugly bags post...well not exactly ugly..maybe weird,crazy or whatever,personaly i hate them all except the rabbit one but it is still weird :-\
So what's your opinion about these bags?Hot or Not??

Roger Vivier Foxtrot Clutch 



Jeremy Scott’s Underpants clutch bag

$422 worth


Mandy Coon Leather Bunny Bag

$619 worth??


Kate Spade 'type it' bag

$495 worth

Jeremy Scott’s biker jacket backpack

(u can wear it with a leather jacket,lol)

worth 875 $

April 16, 2011

The ugly shoes issue (if u like these shoes...maybe u need to get arrested)

Shoes are for many women a passion and some times there are ugly shoes that are soo in and sold out and that drives me crazy because a lot of women think.."oh it's so in fashion,i don't care that these shoes are the worst thing i've ever seen,everyone's gonna be soo jealous cause they cost a thousand dollars and i can buy them...blah blah blah"
I hate it when women think this way....See those shoes and leave ur honest opinion..is there any reason u would buy them?????

Kei Kagami round toe wedge shoes

£595 worth???


Maison Martin Margiela cut-out boots

£785 worth

Camilla Skovgaard Platform Sandals


Prada’s flatform lace-ups 

£510 worth,there is a waiting list for them,can u evan believe it???JESUS!!

The two drummers i looove

jacopo volpe (Vanilla Sky)

Steven Forrest (Placebo)

Well i love Jacopo a biiit more :-)

Bright green in the dark night

Last night was one of the best lately....We went downtown all together(the last time was christmass i think) and had so much fun...We ate junk junk junk food (oh how much i loove it <3 ) had a walk,went to a pub and took a walk around....so crowded but it felt so nice...it totally made me think of summer cause only then the pubs are so full with people....Well i'll show u some outfit..the pictures are a bit poor but never mind...
Love u all,Marissa