March 31, 2011

Hot Air Ballon Day

Yesterday i was all day long at the friend chrysa bought all the mall while i was mostly trying clothes and shoes because i'm going again tommowrow with my mum to buy them :p
Now that spring is on it was finally time to use my beloved Guess bag i bought last summer on sale..Do u like her?

Btw i was so dissapointed from KFC....i tried the tower burger and it tasted like...well,not good!
The highlight of the day was the gift Chrysa made me for my b-day ..i didn't take a photo yet but i stole the pic from the accessorize site..Do u like my new necklace??

Love u all,Marissa

cardigan by h&m
t-shirt by zara
jeans by stradivarious
flats by sfera
bag by guess
sunnies by prada

March 29, 2011

L.A makes me dream awake(California has the same effect too)

It's been at list 8 years since i started dreaming a life in L.A...or at least a place in California.....
Then the t-v series The O.C hit me like a stroke and i wanted to move to Orange County meet a boy with golden hair,tan and surf as his hobby..driving a lexus maybe :p
i know..too much tv.....
but when i dream of the huge california sun...sitting on the beach,nearby the surfers..everyone with rollers..then my dream is alive again..and i start saving money to buy the ticket to my dream....

and since i'm talking L.A here is a blog from an L.A girl,Cassidy..i love the way she writes..i love every post of her,she is a it totally worth it to check it out ;-)

Love u all,Marissa

March 28, 2011

Sunday night fever

Last night everyone had to do smthing!Only me and Chrysa were bored to death so we took the car and started driving downtown.....we stopped in a place at the Great Alexander was like small lakes with lake plants and different kinds of huge goldfishes (i don't know if this is the right plural)...we took some photos and on the way back we found a colourfull fountain and it really felt like we were at Las Vegas so we took photos there too.....enjoy.. ;-)
Love u all!

cardigan by zara
t-shirt by h&m
jeans by zara
scarf by h&m
shoes by killah
bag by lollipops

March 26, 2011

I wear pink when the skies are blue

Yesterday it was one of our national celebrations and a very sunny the morning we all were at the local parade and later celebrated in a local store....i chose pink as the hit colour cause nothing feels like pink in the spring!It was so hot,literally it felt like burning while we were waiting for the parade to begin..
Do u like my bag?It was the first thing i bought ever with the first salary of my first work ever!
So proud of it :P

trench coat by h&m
dress by bershka
jeans by stradivarious
flats by bershka
bag by kem

March 25, 2011

Red Shining Hood

Last night i wanted something that would make my day...but all my coats are grey black or beige so  i was diging my wardrobe when i found this!A coat i bought 4 or 5 years bright,so red...
i realised that it would have the leading role in my outfit so i kept the other colours down
Now that spring is on do u have the need to wear bright colours?


coat by Bianco
knit by twenty8twenty2
jeans by stradivarious
studed flat boots by pull and bear
frilly vernis bag by miss sixty

March 23, 2011

These perfumes stole my heart

Of course the first thing i spot is the bottle!If it's pretty it's sure i'll give it a try!
Then of course the smell is the main reason i buy them!I have an addiction with perfumes and even though i already have a lot i always buy more in case they finish (in a magic way,maybe fairies will wear them at night :P)
So these are the latest perfumes i bought!
Which is ur favourite perfume?
Let me know ;-)

March 21, 2011

TheFashionRoom Service in Thessaloniki

The best event i've been lately !
17 hotel rooms, 17 participating designers and labels all in one party in the center of Thessaloniki  
at The Excelsior Hotel with the collaboration of OZON RAW magazine and OFF RADIO.Each room was turned to a showroom!A huge fashion crowd was there...see what i captured and be prepared for a long post ;-)


I loved the colour combinations and as u may noticed the magenda dress was love at first site <3

Dress 2 Impress

These shoes are made for glamour-walking!Luxury,leather and great design!Perfect for confident women that are used to walk in high heels!
Of course i can't even stand on them!I'm a flat lover :P


Probably my favourite one!I love the prints,the bright colours and the killer minnie!Just my style!!


I loved the combination of the simple t-shirts and the digital prints but the salmon-pink blouse stole my different,totally something that can draw the attention!


Everything made by recycled old things!I totally loved the necklases made of tube and cubes!But the candy head pieces are the cutest!!!


Here it was all about headphones!Wish i was a d-j to buy them in every color!


Lovedthe pillow :P (and the sticker they put on my jacket )


Natural products,they are loved by hollywood actors,the make so many charities and they help any way the can!That's Kiehl's!(also meet M.r Bones)


Clutches  made of magazines?The best idea ever!Meet Spanaki and her perfect creations!So afortable too!!


These jewellery are designed by Maria but her advertising material was over so i have no further information about her brand.Loved them!They look so handmade,so old,like a queens jewellery box!


This line is a creation by Tasos Sofroniou and i love so much the leather details ,the zippers and the uniqness of these clothes!


Long siple dresses for girls 2 meters tall!Made for fairies!


Colourfull,a bit boem and so girly!U can shop online this wonderfull collection!


Maximalism,gold and they take ur breath away!!


It was the first time i met this brand and i'm impressed by the jackets,the details and that fairy bridal dress!