October 31, 2011


In Greece we don't celebrate halloween!Shame on us!!!!So i celebrate it all by my self,with pumpkin treats and halloween nails!


Love u all,Marissa

October 29, 2011

Blue Lace

Last night i dressed up to attend my dear friend's Kostas b-day celebration.Actually his b-day are today ,yesterday we had an after-midnight surprise party with flamming shots!Such a great time,today we'll have a cake so stay tuned for the sweet parteeee!So the dress is really old but so lovely,black lace and pink fabric all together,it's body-consious so my ''curves'' are all out and about :P


Love u all,Marissa

October 26, 2011

Plaid Me

Just got back from the cinema,i watched  ''Midnight in Paris'',such a great movie,made me dream of Paris and i really can't w8 to visit this dreamy city again since i first did 2 years ago!
Today i had to cook for me and my sister as we were home alone.I can't cook,i simply can't,everytime i tried it was a disaster...so today i made something simple and yumi yumi,roasted sliced potatoes with philadelphia cream and turkey ham on top,all baked together!You should totally try it ;-)

Love u all,Marissa 


October 25, 2011

Want some pills?

Hello my dear friends,sorry for not posting but my illness draged me to the bed,the doctor gave a lot of medicines and i was sleeping all day long!Now i am really good and i am back!Time to show u the nails i made last night,they turned out a bit weird and i think they look like pills,u know the capsule one's!Right now i am making a scaloped shorts!It's so great to be healthy!

Love u all,and i wish u health :-)

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October 18, 2011


It's my 3rd day here and i am sick!!so so so sick!!!when i came here im my hometown we had 20 degrees,here it was 4 degrees!!huge change so since the day i came i became worst day by day!wish me to get healthy soon cause it's makes me so tired not to be able to sleep at night :-( see u soon my dear friends!

October 16, 2011


Right now i'm at the city of kastoria,the wind is sooo strong and the weather so cold,damned i wish i had with me my yeti boots!Now see the photos from last night ,when i was in a holiday mood,that's why all this shine!See u tommorow with pictures from the cold city!

October 14, 2011

Trench Coat + Biker Boots

Something simple i wore today for a small shopping spree!
In two days i am leaving for the city of Kastoria,the place where my boyfriend's uni is,so the next post will be from there ;-)
It's soo cold there so get ready for posts with heavy knits and jumpers!

Love u all,Marissa

October 10, 2011

It takes two to tango!

The title means completely nothing ,i just wanted to show u the reason i will save money for the next months,can't wait until the launch of the s\s '12 collections!


October 8, 2011

New Nails

I was about to do a new tutorial and i started painting my nails and i totally forgot to take pictures of the steps!Never mind,it's so easy anyway,i'll just write them down :-)

1)Put diagonal tape on your nails
2)Paint the up part-i used different colours in each nail
3)Put some liquid glitter between the painted part and the nude one
4)Add a clear top coat------You are ready :-D

Love u all,Marissa

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October 6, 2011

Strong shoulders

Last night we watched SJP's new movie ''I don't know how she does it''.It was good but not brilliant,never mind the ticket on wednesdays is too cheap to complain!Next in line is ''Drive'' with the hottest man living on earth,Ryan Gosling,he is smokin hot,smokin cute and everything ''smokin''.Review next Wednesday!
Coming up an other nail tutorial tommorow ;-)

Love u all,Marissa :-)

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October 4, 2011

Pink and Mint triangles

Another nail tutorial my dear readers,hope u like it and if u try it let me know :-)

1)Paint ur nails any colour

2)Cut tape strips (10)

3)Place them this way(the first coat myst be completely dry)

4)Paint the triangle

5)Remove slowly

6)Ready :-D

Love u all,Marissa

October 2, 2011

I'm Grey (Not Meredith )

This top is super oversized but i never wear it that way..i always wrap a belt around :-) Btw i noticed i have a thing for grey clothes lately,shit i never liked grey in the past,does it mean i am growing ?(i was always the pink girl).....Anyway,i see u liked the half moon manicure tutorial so i'll try an other one tommorow and i'll post about it :-)

I also want to thank u so much for ur support and ur precious comments,your opinion makes me better :-)

Love u all,Marissa