July 26, 2011

White flowers

Today it was a hot hot day!In 2 days i am leaving for vacation and i am excited..so today i went downtown to make some last minute shopping..I already bought the giveaway prize(s) and i am waiting  for the 3 more followers to make them 100!So do it!And u'll be able to win :-D

Love u all,Marissa

July 24, 2011

The little black dress

This is the outfit i chose for last night..we had a flat tire so we went to the bar two hours later...we were in the middle of the road,trying to change the tire..it was my boyfrie3nd's first flat tire so it was a bit difficult but we managed to do it :-D

in 4 days i am leaving for vacation in Chalkidiki...and i need 4 more followers for my first giveaway :-)
i'm so excited :-D

Love u all,Marissa

July 20, 2011

Sales treasures

You know i had no plans to buy anything at this sales..only the sunglasses that i am still waiting to come...
But yesterday when my mum asked me to go with her to the mall i broke...and i bougt a few things :-)
Do u like my new babies??

Love u all,Marissa

July 18, 2011

Pretty pretty fountain

I know i look pregnant at the pictures but i promise i'm not :P
The photos were shot 10 minutes after i ate everything  and i was dizzy and that explains the silly face! I just loove the fountain,it's so beautiful!Don't u??? 
p.s. i created a page where i sell second hand clothes and accessories...for now i can send only in greece so if u live here and u are interested check my page :-)

 Love u all,Marissa

July 14, 2011

The Fringed Bag

Yesterday i went downtown to buy a pair of dreamy sunglasses...but since the store had only two pairs of them this model was over sooo i ordered them and i'll have then in the middle of the next week!Can u guess the  brand and the model whith the word dreamy and extravagant as clues??
So i wasn't about to buy anything but when i saw this fringed brown bag in an extra-sale price i couldn't say no!
Do u like my new bag??

Love u all,Marissa

July 12, 2011

She is a TRUE fashion icon

Since the day she met her prince she knew that one day she will marry him,since their wedding day she revealed to the whole world her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  fashion sense...I admire her so much,of course i am so so jealous and despite the fact that she's no more Kate Middleton but Catherine ,Duchess of Cambridge she is so simple and still the girl-next-door! So check out the gallery from her after wedding style and be jealous!

All pictures from cocoperez

July 9, 2011

The coral lace dress

Last night ,after the hottest day ever we attended the 2nd opening of a bar in Chalkidiki...it was so crowded but thnx god we found a place to sit and have fun !Btw their mojito kind of sucked!Evan is the one and only mojito-maker :P
I chose to wear the coral lace dress that i bought last month and totally forgot about...it was a great combination with my leopard clutch and blue-green details!
Do u like it ? :-)
I'm leaving u now...it's time to dive!i'm going to the sea,maybe until very late at night ...
Love u all,Marissa


July 4, 2011

Freaky day

Yesterday my day started with this......

At night we went to the beach bar where Evan works and he kept serving mojitos!Could i say no?NOOO

We continued just for a few minutes at a not-so-classy after drk amusement place 150 klm away from home!Yes we had an idea to make a road trip in the middle of the night!

 And i was wearing these.........

Next sunday we'll go on a road  trip again so stay here and w8 for my next adventures :P

Love u all,Marissa

July 2, 2011

The ''it'' piece

This year if i had to name an ''it'' piece that would be the pink blazer!You see it everywhere,if u don't own it u like it and it's a blogger must....like the JC shoes!!So when i saw this pink blazer in a really good price and a fabric not  formal i had no second thoughts :-) I used it yesterday but i promise u much more beautiful outfits with this blazer :-) We took the pictures on a swing and it was totally dark so excuse the quality :-)
Btw do u like my nails??my mum called me crazy but never mind :P

btw i'm on a competition and u need your  like!!!could u please press the like button on top right ???check this link and like my list :-)

Love u all,Marissa