May 1, 2011

Blend with nature

Today it is the 1st of may...i just got back home so so so tired becase since 11 in the morning i was with my friends,we had a huge bbq we danced we had some alcohol and later we visited the beach-bars in our area that had grand openings today..
My outfit of course had to be somethin floral.1st of may=flowers!We made bouquets and i was wearing a wreth all day but i didn't got the chanse to take a picture :-\
So did u celebrated the opening of -the summer is almost here month- May?
If u did i hope u had the best time ever :-)
Love u all ,Marissa


  1. happy may!! i love those photos einai toso anoiksiatikes love ur floral dress!!
    fenete oti perasate omorfa! xx

  2. Thank u :-D
    perasame polu wraia,o kairos mas ta xalase ligo alla ta kataferame :-)

  3. love the dress, sounds like you had a lovely time at the beach bars! :)

  4. Thank u dear :-)
    Yes it was really fan despite the fact that the weather wasn't the best :-\