May 21, 2011

Polka yellow dots (the night i fell in love with Johny Depp)

Last night i went to the mall to watch the Pirates of the caribbean 4..i never really liked this movie...but last night!!i fell in love with that beauty..a boy called Johny...i know i know,most of u already love him but i just did last night :P
So the movie was great,i tottaly approve!
I wore my new yellow polka dot short shirt that i love and the eyeliner which still hasn't left!! Today i enjoyed a roadtrip and i'm pretty tired so sorry for writing a short post...details tommorow :-)
Love u all,Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. Ohhhhh! I adore Johnny! :D No no! I love him! Cute shirt! :D