May 7, 2011

A navy touch in the middle of the night

Last night i had nooo good mood,i was feeling sleepy,i had a fight with my sister for a bunch of pop corns and then my friends kept calling...''come on,Marissa wake up,let's go outside...''
I couldn't say no so i started looking for something close to a pj feeling to wear...smthing oversized and i chose my navy strped t-shirt..My hair was pretty messy too but never mind :P 
Finally i had a good time drinking some beers with my friends..That's life :-D
Did u had a fun friday night out?
Love u all ,Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. great outfit :D
    love the bow-rong :)

  2. Love your outfit! The clutch is amazing!

  3. cute outfit...I love the stripes and fringe is always a favorite.

  4. love navy, skismeno tzin k daxtulidi fiogkos! xixix!

  5. Lovely pics!
    I just found your blog,it's so cute!I added to your followers via GFC and via Bloglovin:)I'm very glad if you follow me too:)
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  6. Awh thank u so much Mary,i'm going str8 to see ur blog and of course i'll follow u :-D

  7. Agapw thn mplouza...apla Agapw!!! <3

  8. thank u thank u thank u dear :-D