May 18, 2011

If u are a bold colour and floral prints person......

....then you should run to Zara now!!!I've tried most of these beauties or cried on their sight cause the only available size was small or x-small!Come on guys large is a nice size too but whatever,this is another subject!
I love anything floral and anything with a booold colour.These are my personal picks from zara s\s 11 collection and thet are available so run girls,i'm sure u all have a zara store next to ur neigborhood...:-D

Which is ur favorite????

Love u all,Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. yes <3 <3
    but expensive if u consider that zara is a retailer

  2. I must go to ZARA! :D omg! i must run to zara! I love them all!

  3. egw ksetrela8ika m ts tsantes!alla 80 evro??too much g zara