May 13, 2011

A sequined cat

I own this blue sequined t-shirt for 2 or 3 years and believe it or not i never gave it a chanse!
Of course now it's smaller because i was way thiner when i bought it..I shot these pictures with my sister in our garden two days ago...
So i just got back home and guess what??Cops stopped me and asked for lisence and identity!Come on boys we live in a small village and we all know one each other...pffff,the only thing they managed to do is to get me nervous cause i wasn't wearing safety belt,thnx god they didn't said anything about it!
btw today it was the first day i sunbathed and guess what!!I burned my white white skin!Lovely~Tommorow it will hurt like hell :-\
So good night my loves,i'll see u tommorow,oh and wish me luck cause i'm going for a job search!
Love u all,Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. to patoumeno auto to exei k h kollhth m k zhlepsa pou den to agorasa! einai toso miu miu!! :D

  2. naii <3 <3 exei paromoia st e-bay oxi pl akriva gurw st 60 evro psaksto,ekeina exoun pio chunky heel

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  4. Thank u :-) Rania Ksanthopoulou stn koromila

  5. i love these shoes!!! you look cute!
    thanks for the comment by the way!

    wanna follow each other!

    Kenza xxx