May 17, 2011

Neon Sun

Hello my dear readers :-)
I have to announce u that i am into a new sport called wardrobe digging!But not my wardrobe,my mothers and my grandma's.....This is where i found this neon yellow beauty,despite the fact it's a bit small for me and the pictures aren't the best i had fun shooting them,but i promise better pictures with an other outfit and the blazer.Today we have a local celebration and i am about to attend it in a while ;-)
So i'm sure most of u are into my new sport!Are u??Let me know
So i have to leave now,I love u all,Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. love the new sport. Lately I've been into bright yellow. I love this color on you :)

  2. nice!exoume tin idia tsanda..lov the bag

  3. Thank u girls <3 <3

    Neon Yellow and electric blue are the new black ;-)

  4. poly oraio to neon !! kai ta jewelry piece pou foras einai poly omorda!!

  5. ahh i love the leopar print clutch. And we have the same key ring :)

    i have a new post if youd like to check out.

  6. Thank u my dear girls :-)

    The key ring is a must :P

  7. Your accessories are the cutest ever. XX