May 10, 2011

It's raining butterflies

It's been already 3 days that the local celebrations are on..We celebrate the nameday or our local saint,Saint Argyrios and every year an amusement park comes here,we dance traditional dances and celebrate all together..
Yesterday i was at the amusement park and by the time we were ready to start taking fun rides t started raining...we went home and ta-da the rain stopped!!!!We left and it stopped raining and i missed the amusement park for this year...
Never year....
Do u like amusement parks my dear readers ?

Love u aaalll,Marissa <3

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Thank uuuuu


  1. Amazing photos!!!I adore your sandals!!
    That is why I just awarded you with The One Lovely Blog Award!
    Check it out -->>
    Many kissezzzz!!!!

  2. krima pou evrekse.. i love ur shoes and the bag as well! maresoun ta parka!! einai panta poly fun!

  3. darlin ! i love your sandals are very comfortable :)
    kiss !

  4. Polla like sto sundiasmo mplouza-zaketa! K athn omprelitsa pou einai san koufetaki!

  5. im in love with your sandals!

    Kenza xxx