May 16, 2011

The aqua eye-liner

It's been a long that i was looking for an eye-liner really stable,with the perfect aqua colour for the summer nights that are really close!Last week i found it!!It was stanting there,next to an other deep blue eye-liner at the mac store...With no second thoughts i bought it and now we'll live happily ever after :P
I combined a lot of blues in my outfit because i wanted nothing to distract my aqua line :-)

p.s.1:sorry for the printer cables hanging there but i didn't noticed it in the first time i saw the pictures
p.s.2 the pictures are taken in my room and u can see my half naked boys collection :P

Love u all.Marissa

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Thank uuuuu


  1. love the blouse :)

  2. love your blouse, shoes and accessories!
    to eyeliner an k wraio xrwmataki, nomizw se deixnei ligo wild!

  3. Loove your ring:)))


    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

  4. Wow, aqua looks amazing on you.

  5. loved it <3

    a have a new post if youd like to check!
    love, Katheryn

  6. Thank u Katheyn ;-)
    I'm going to ur blog now ;-)