May 14, 2011

My cat family :-)

My dear readers,i think you all know that i love cats..i have a connection with them and it's been 3 years that i  got my first one..Since then the family was getting bigger or smaller cause my mama cat gave birth 3 times,,,some of her babies left,some stayed...So here are the pictures of the cats that i had the most of the time....Five of them disappeared about a month ago and i still can't get over it and i cry when i think of them..Now i have two cats left and in about a week or something i'll welcome the new member to my cat family,a baby boy i'll take from my friend Cathrin (also cat-lover)
So here are my babies :-)

She is the big mama :-)She is still with me
 This angel is gone,i saved her from the road and i gave her all my love :-\
 3 of my babies together...I still have the red one
 My lovely weird boy...left
 This cat,was my mum's greatest love,they had such a connection,sometimes i thought that they were talking..when he was gone i saw my mum crying for the first time :-\
 My white boy,he was a hug-cat...if he could sit in my arms all day he would do it...he left too
 My red-red love...he wasn't friendly at all,but since the day the other cats left he started to be friendly and now he is my best friend :-)


  1. ax einai panemorfes!!! popo!! agapes mou!!
    ki egw exw dio!! treis eixa vasika..alla h manoula exafanistike..:/

  2. :) kouklakia! kai exeis k avlh tuxeroula!

  3. oh so sad that some of them left! i have a cat as well! she is 12 years old!!

  4. Nai exoume avli k enan mikro kipo k doksa tn 8eo exoun tn xwro ts...einai pl krima otan eksafanizontai enw ec t agapas toso...oo simoni megali re c!se kanonika i gatisia xronia einai toso?