June 14, 2011

New hair and summer nights

Some days ago i decided to dye my hair all alone..it was my first, i always visit the hairdressers but it's no time to spend much and i saved about 40 euros..not bad :-)
Well the colour is more silver and i loved it :-)) that night we went to the beach bar that my friend works and because it was late his boss left and we stayed all alone at the bar playing cards,drinking and dancing spanish dances..it was such a fuun night,hope to repeat it soon!
So tell me do u like my hair???
btw i fell in love with these coconut lambs <3 <3

For the fashiolista contest...now that the second round is on i need your help again to win....It's just so so so easy.......You need to click here and then click the box near the picture number 10 and press the vote button :-)So simple but such a huge vote for me :-)
Thank u all again,Love u all,Marissa


  1. Teleio to neo sou xrwma! Megeia!
    Sou paei para poli auto, nomizw perissotero ap'to proigoumeno...Kai m aresei pou paei pros to asimi!

    Call me M

  2. Latrevw to neo xrwma!!
    Ki egw nomizw sou paei pio poli apo to proigoumeno!!
    Kai genika protimw ayta pou asimizoun para ayta pou kitrinizoun!!
    Me geiaaaaaa!!!<3

  3. Euxaristw polu koritsia,xairomai pou ta katafera moni mou :-D

    Thank u Ylenia :-)

  4. Love the new hair...just voted for you :)

  5. nice post!
    love your hair like this!

  6. I like your sandals and necklace. So adorable. xx