September 8, 2011

The concert

Last night we attented a concert of the greek band was a great night although in the beggining of the night i wanted to cry cause the same time at the other side of the city a huge event was taking place.The event was about Mary Katrantzou,her creations and her carreer.I bought the concert tickets 1 month ago and i learned about the MK event just two weeks later,that's why i couldn't attend :-\
Never mind i hope i'll have other opportunities for this kind of events....For the concert took place in a stadium that hosted over 50.000 + people!It was insane!!We arrived by the time the doors opened and waited 3 hours until the begging of the concert!!
Enjoy! ;-)

Love u all,Marissa


  1. phges k esu? oloi oi filoi mou phgan!
    egw dn mporesa!
    teleia na fantastw?

  2. wraia itan alla tha mporouse kai kalutera :P

  3. Too bad you missed the Mary Katrantzou event, she has really great designs, but the concert seems to have been a lot of fun also!

  4. Den imoun pote fan twn Pyx Lax...Teleutaia stigmi ematha oti paizoune!
    Alla teleutaia stigmi ematha kai gia ti Mary Katrantzou, opote eixa idi kanonisei diafora...Telika teleiwsa nwris me tis douleies mou, alla prwton den ixera ti wra ksekinouse to event tis, kai 2on den imoun ntimeni katallila! Krima pou to xasame...kai itan sxedon dipla mas...Spania simvainoun auta...

    Do You Speak Gossip?

  5. i love your blog :D

  6. fainetai pws perases kala!!
    to sorts USflag einai apo Amsterdam!

  7. Nice pics, hope you had a great time there!