September 15, 2012

Restart Tools

So Ladies and gentlemen i am almost back..In 14 short days i will be back home from my summer work!I had hard times but it was worth it.I didn't save a single euro,i went shopping again and again and i still have two salaries to get!Hoorayyyy!This is a sneak peek of the things i bought the past days..and i have so much more to show you!Sooo get ready for me and love me again :-D



  1. great this new boots hney, i really love themmmm!


  2. Koritsara mou welcome back! I've missed you so much!
    Den perimena tipota ligotero apo esena, ap'to na ksodepseis tous misthous sou se rouxa klp...hehe
    Diakrinw idi para poli wraia pragmata stis agores sou, kai anipomonw na ta dw foremena...Megeia ta Lita, kserw poso ta itheles! :)
    Filakia polla!

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