March 8, 2011

Amanda Sheyfried hits ELLE magazine(co-stars ,furry kitty cats and a baby lamb)

First time i saw Amanda Sheyfried was at the mean girls movie,with lindsay lohan and i thought (sorry Amanda) that she really was dump!
But the girl really got acting skills!Great acting skills ,she is gorgeous,talented and her star is getting bigger day by day.
So Elle magazine is hosting her in their april issue as a cover-girl and she is stunning!So here are some pics of Amandas latest cover and also her last year photoshoot for Elle magazine again.
Well ,i admit she is one of my new favorites!
What's ur opinion about Amanda?

Photos: Courtesy of Elle magazine


  1. Wow, she looks amazing on the cover! I love the dress she's wearing! Both covers look great! And I can't wait to see the rest of the editorial! xoxoxoo

  2. Yes she is amazing!!!
    soooo beautiful
    i love this photoshoot with the baby animals <3 so cute :-D