March 18, 2011

The (FASHION ) reason u NEED to visit Thessaloniki!!

I love accessories and i think they are more important than clothes...u can wear the same t-shirt for days but with accessories u will turn ur look into something new...The places i prefer to invest my money are accessorize and the dreamy shop i'll show u right now....It's like an accessorie heaven in the center of Thessaloniki..the exact address is Proksenou Koromila 41...enjoy my heaven and be sure to visit it the next time u'll be in Thessaloni...

Rania Ksanthopoulou
Proksenou Koromila 41,Thessaloniki


  1. Ωραίο post! Σ'ακολουθώ... :)))

    Μy blog:

  2. Thank u Maria :-)
    twra s akolou8w ki egw ;-)

  3. einai to teleiotero magaziii
    ante ela :-D