March 28, 2011

Sunday night fever

Last night everyone had to do smthing!Only me and Chrysa were bored to death so we took the car and started driving downtown.....we stopped in a place at the Great Alexander was like small lakes with lake plants and different kinds of huge goldfishes (i don't know if this is the right plural)...we took some photos and on the way back we found a colourfull fountain and it really felt like we were at Las Vegas so we took photos there too.....enjoy.. ;-)
Love u all!

cardigan by zara
t-shirt by h&m
jeans by zara
scarf by h&m
shoes by killah
bag by lollipops


  1. i love your ripped jeans :):)gorgeous view!!

  2. εχο τ ιδιο φουλαριιιι τελειοοοοοοοο