March 12, 2011

Friday night i fell in love with a bag

Well,last night me and my boyfriend went to the mall to watch a movie,grap a bite and take a walk.
Then i saw it,the most beautiful bag ,so floral,so perfectsaped so vintage! <3
I' ll totaly own her next week :-D
I also tasted KFC for my first time,i chose the tower burger and-oh my-it was delisious!
We tried to take some outfit photos but the lightning was low so the pics are a disaster :P
So,do u like my new dream bag?oh and what's ur favorite from KFC ? i need to try everything ;-)
Have a great saturday night boys and girls
p.s. we watched the 'just go with it " movie,it worthed every cent from the ticket!i strongly suggest it ;-)

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