March 3, 2011

Once upon a time.....i lived a fairytale in Paris...

In April of 2009 i visited Paris with my fashion school and those days i really wanted somenone to kidnap me so i could stay in the dream city for ever!We also visited the ESMOD fashion school and met 3 greek girls who studied fashion there,so lucky!So here's a taste of the wonderful days i've spend in Paris,almost two years ago..Enjoy! p.s The beautiful girl who's with me in almost all the pictures is my beloved friend Maria <3 <3

We also visited a new French designer duo (sorry but i really can't remember their names)They created these amaaazing zipper bridal dresses !

This is the hotel view and the ''pool mall'' next to us!

Good-Bye Paris..hope to see you soon :-D

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