March 23, 2011

These perfumes stole my heart

Of course the first thing i spot is the bottle!If it's pretty it's sure i'll give it a try!
Then of course the smell is the main reason i buy them!I have an addiction with perfumes and even though i already have a lot i always buy more in case they finish (in a magic way,maybe fairies will wear them at night :P)
So these are the latest perfumes i bought!
Which is ur favourite perfume?
Let me know ;-)


  1. My favorite perfume at this point of time is "Ange ou Demon (Le Secret)" by Givenchy!!
    But I tend to change perfume really often!
    Next week I am going to buy a new one and you gave me many really good ideas!!!!

  2. well i think i need to smell it :-)
    i've never kept the same perfume for a long time,once the bottle is over i don't buy it again!there are so many dreamy perfumes,i want to have them all!
    Let me know which one u bought ;-)

  3. the first one! <3 lolaaa by marc jacobs. my favorite perfume everrr. wanna buy it, but it's so expensive :(
    really nice blog you have


    Another Wannabe Blogger

  4. Thank u Noortje :-)
    Yes damned it's so expensive...i was lucky enough to buy it on sale for 50 euros the 100 ml bottle
    it's all about luck and timing :P