March 26, 2011

I wear pink when the skies are blue

Yesterday it was one of our national celebrations and a very sunny the morning we all were at the local parade and later celebrated in a local store....i chose pink as the hit colour cause nothing feels like pink in the spring!It was so hot,literally it felt like burning while we were waiting for the parade to begin..
Do u like my bag?It was the first thing i bought ever with the first salary of my first work ever!
So proud of it :P

trench coat by h&m
dress by bershka
jeans by stradivarious
flats by bershka
bag by kem


  1. teleia h tsanta!!!
    8a xarw polu na er8eis k sthn ek8esh!

  2. tha t prospa8isw gt m aresan polu oi dimiourgies s sofi :-D

  3. Πολύ ωραίο το outfit!!
    Λατρεύω το συγκεκριμένο ροζ της τσάντας και των λουλουδιών του φορέματος!!!

  4. poli wraio to outfit sou :)
    i tsanta einai to mesaio i to megalo megethos??? ithela k egw poli na thn parw se auto to xroma :))

  5. s'euxaristw natalie :-D
    einai to megalo...koita tn tsanta tn pira prin 2 xronia nomizw k afto t xrwma dn t exoun...alla evgalan fetos ena uperoxo korali pou exw valei st mati,tsekare to ;-)