March 29, 2011

L.A makes me dream awake(California has the same effect too)

It's been at list 8 years since i started dreaming a life in L.A...or at least a place in California.....
Then the t-v series The O.C hit me like a stroke and i wanted to move to Orange County meet a boy with golden hair,tan and surf as his hobby..driving a lexus maybe :p
i know..too much tv.....
but when i dream of the huge california sun...sitting on the beach,nearby the surfers..everyone with rollers..then my dream is alive again..and i start saving money to buy the ticket to my dream....

and since i'm talking L.A here is a blog from an L.A girl,Cassidy..i love the way she writes..i love every post of her,she is a it totally worth it to check it out ;-)

Love u all,Marissa

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