March 11, 2011

Playing with the sand and showing some outfit(sunny,sunny,sunny)

Well today i woke up and guess what,it was sunny again!!!
Try to imagine how happy i felt (i needed to get photosynthesis,i am like a plant i need sun everyday damned!!)
So after lunch i took my sister and went to the sea.Surprisingly there were a lot of people playing beach volley and rackets,there were also some winter swimmers.
Of course the sea was ice-cold but who cared,in this country we looove summer-we are summer people-.
I chose to wear my beloved striped cardigan and  my favourite t-shirt that was sleeping all winter long in the depths of my closet!
So take a look of the beach fun!
p.s :baby sister thank u soo much for being so patient with me,i love u.

I was wearing
cardigan by H&M
t-shirt by miss sixty
jeans by stradivarious
flats by bershka
bracelets by accessorize
sunglasses by rayban


  1. ♥Love your blog♥

  2. Mary thank u so so much,i'm new and i'm doing my best :-)
    i just checked ur blog and it's lovely <3
    followed u ofcourse! :-)

  3. Love your cardigan! I am following you now!


  4. @ Sofia:thank u so muuch,i'm ur follower as well :-)

    @Maddalena:i just checked ur blog,it's great.i'll keep reading later and i just followed u so u can always follow back :-D